This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll use the dimension of a standard plate to create a healthy, well-balanced meal:

  • Veggies = 1/2 Plate

  • Protein = 1/4 Plate

  • Fat = 1/8 Plate

  • Starch = 1/8 Plate

  • Fruit = 1 side servings

  • Beverage = 1 Glass (low cal)


Eat 3-5 meals per day depending on your goals and activity level. If you’re not very active and want to lose weight, start by eating 3 meals. If you’re active and want to gain weight, start with 5 meals. Adjust based on how you’re feeling overall and results you desire.

*If the goal is weight loss, but you prefer eating more meals – use a smaller plate. That way you’re eating more often, but not over-consuming at any meal.

Option #2

This option will give you a little more leeway in terms of how much of each Macro (Protein, Carb/Veggie, Fat) you choose to plate. The goal is more based around choosing high-quality, less processed foods. Foods are given on a “GreenYellow, and Red” basis, based on how processed it is:

  • Green = Little to No Processing.

    • Fresh Meat – Chicken, Lean Beef, Turkey, Bison, Wild Game, Fish, Shellfish, Egg Whites, Nonfat Greek Yogurt, etc.

    • Veggies, Beans and Lentils, Oats, Brown Rice, Potatoes, Quinoa, Barley, Millet, etc.

    • Nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Egg Yolks, Coconut, Natural Nut Butters, Olives, etc. 

  • Yellow = Some Processing.

    • Protein Powders, Medium Lean Meats, Tofu, Deli Meats, Meat Jerky, Greek Yogurt, etc.

    • Bread, Granola, Granola, Couscous, Vegetable Juices, Instant Oats, Flavored Yogurts, etc.

    • Cheese, Coconut/Almond Milk, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Oils, etc. 

  • Red = Very Processed.

    • Protein Bars, Fried Meats, High-mercury Fish, High Fat Ground Meat, etc.

    • Fruit Juices, Cereal Bars, Jellies, Sugar, Soda, Chips, Fries, Muffins, Cookies, Cakes, etc.

    • Butter, Processed Cheese, Oils (Vegetable, Corn, Canola, etc.), Bacon, etc.

This chart is from Precision Nutrition (my accrediting body)

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