365 Days of WODs


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Over the next 365 days your body will be tested in all areas to increase your overall cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and strength. The program will follow a basic structure of 3 days active, 1 day of recovery, 2 days active, and 1 day of recovery. However, we will sometimes vary to allow for specific WODs such as Murph or 9/11 Tribute to happen on the correct date (there will still be 2 rest days within the 7-day period).

Each specific WOD does not have to be your entire workout. You can spend extra time working on more Stretching, Range of Motion, Accessory Movements, Balance, Plyometrics, Steady State Cardio, Body Building, etc. You should know your body better than anyone, do the work that is necessary to recover and reach your personal goals

Recovery Days have specific movements to help recover from the previous WODs or to get your body ready for the WODs to come. It is highly recommended that you perform the movements listed, if you would like to add anything else, you absolutely may. Remember that this is a general program and was not specifically designed for YOU. Use any extra time to target your body’s specific areas of weakness.


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