Custom Meal Plan


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**There will be trackers and examples provided, but YOU choose what foods to eat. I cannot and will not tell you exactly what to eat. Do your best to eat lean meats and non-processed foods**

My flavor pallet knows no bounds. Somedays I want a nice salad, others I crave something chocolaty. And sometimes, I just want to be a child and eat Chicken Strips and Mac & Cheese. However, all that food can take a toll on your waistline… if you let it.

As with almost everything in life, we need to find a healthy balance. I’ll never tell any of my clients that they can’t eat any specific food. We just have to do so in moderation.

In this guide, you’ll have 3 methods to choose from to create your own personalized meal plan. Pick which ever one best suits your lifestyle and that you can do the most consistently.

Remember, we’re always striving for Progress, not Perfection.

Create your own, personalized meal plan by using one of three methods:

  • Hand Portion Sizes – learn how to eat using your own Hand as a measuring tool!
  • Plate Portion Guide – learn to use the dimensions of a standard plate to create a balanced meal.
  • Counting Macros – learn how many of each Macronutrient you need.

*I use option #1 for myself and almost 100% of my Nutrition clients*


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